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Finally ... the competition results are in

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naz_nomad | 21:37 Thu 01st Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
24 Answers
Firstly, I'd like to thank everybody that entered, some great musical snippets there guys & gals!

Ok now for the results (opens golden envelope)...

In third place with a great rendition of 'Billy's Got A Gun' by Def Leppard ... we have -Zorro-

The runner up, with 'Rappers Delight' by Sugarhill Gang is ELVIS68

Now, this took a lot of brain-power from the three judges (yes, 3 brain cells is a lot for us) but we eventually came to a decision ...

This years winner of the ''High Res Custom Cereal Trophy'' is .....

cyanide with a classic line from 'Change (In the House of Flies)' by The Deftones ....

A big round of applause ladies & gentlemen and trans-sexuals ... give it up for cyanide

( an honourable mention must go to ELVIS68 for his 'Pinball Minter' mash-up ... nice one mate

cyanide, you'll have to drop me a note, describing your dream cereal, and who, or what you like in it. ...well done.


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Well done cyanide!!!!!!!!!!!

naz - just as well neither myself nor ummmm got a mention cos we had a big fight behind the school bikesheds earlier. I won of course he he he!!!!!

what a fix!I'm happy with my french toast anyway.
Question Author
Sorry Prattler, not our most favourite Coldplay track ... better luck next time ...

We could make this a monthly compo, what d'ya think?
(Storms off in a huff...........)
Question Author
lost twice in one day, ummmm, that must hurt? ... lol
Good idea and next time I will try much harder and do some swatting up in the meantime so that I can beat ummmm!!!! Note to self get out all old Donny Osmond records.


Now now, ummmm...

I swear she's not her claimed age of 33.
Question Author
claimed ... I like it ... lol
I don't lose naz.....

It's just that I don't win.....but what was the other loss I had?

Ctrak.....are you saying I'm immature?
Question Author
Apparently. you lost the fight behind the bike-sheds with Athley earlier?
You haven't actually stormed off, have you?

To answer your question, yes. But there are worse things you can be than immature.
naz - nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Question Author
What? ... were you fibbing?
Not exactly!!! :o)
Well sort of!


I'm in hiding now don't tell anyone you've seen me OK?
Question Author
Hey, it's considerably cooler in here now the fire in my PC's gone out ... lol

Seriously though, that was the loudest bang, accompanied by the biggest flash that I've ever seen indoors anywhere.

I nearly shat myself.

Check your fans are all clean and spinnin' ok
woohoo I came 3rd
Question Author
A great track Zorro, but I was over-ruled by a younger judge :-(
Question Author
I'm sure the runners-up must be feeling like this ... ation.gif?0.16344241785547697

I know ummmm is ... lol
So what were we supposed to do again?

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Finally ... the competition results are in

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