Self confidence and body language.

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Eve | 13:52 Tue 16th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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How is yours?

How if your general body language, are you open or defensive, have you ever considered how you come across to other people and how little changes could make a difference. Has anything you're done or changed made a difference for better or worse?

I found quitting smoking made a huge difference and people commented on it, I started walking with my head held high rather than scuttling along head down with a cig and lack of smoke breath made me more confident speaking as well as sounding better. Also easier to smile more :)

I also find wearing my glasses has a big impact, I'm used to contacts and don't suit glasses and find I am a lot more self conscious with them on. I also feel far more confidentwhen dressed to impress such as in an interview/posh meeting suit etc...

Have you ever tried a day when you just pay attention to your body language and posture and see the difference?


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I think maybe I should smile more, don�t get me wrong I�m a friendly person but I tend to walk round looking miserable, but I also hate random people saying �smile� in the street when I�m not going to walk round grinning in fear of being put in a mental home.
I think my body language is OK....I do fold my arms a lot when I speak to people but I think that kinda comes from men staring at my boobs.
ummmm, I do that too!!

This will probably sound daft but if I haven't straightened my hair, I'll feel as if people are pointing at me in the street. :o\
It all depends on the situation that I'm in.x
4get, I get that all the time and it really p's me off . What business is it of theres - half the time they ain't smiling either. Grrr :(
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Yeah I get them comments in the street too.
Are they worth staring at?
'cheer up love, It may never happen', that annoys me too, I'd love to just burst into tears on them and tell them ..... died
Yes of course Panic
Its just that I'm auditioning for the desert island. You are on the short list.

It is a three stage selection procedure
So what else to you want to know?
We'll discuss that at the 'interview'
erm i dont really think about it i just think its important to have good eye contact with someone yr talking to
My best friend thinks the reason i'm so popular is beause i have 'one of those faces'...
Which apparently means that because i'm always smiling i appear warm and friendly which is right of course!
But then i always sit with my back straight and a teacher once told me i sit like i'm superior to everyone. But i just think that if i concentrated on my body language then i'd become self-concious. More than i already am anyway ... :O)
If Im round pretty women...then my body language is open...if not then closed
People tell me to smile all the time aswell

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Self confidence and body language.

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