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verruca cures

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Linda51 | 14:36 Tue 09th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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I've got a verruca which I must have got from the swimming baths, any ideas of how to get rid of it, I had one before and it cost a bomb at the chiropodist. Ta.


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I used bazuka religiously for months an it never had any effect. i gave up and eventually the horrid things went on their own.
I've read on the web that sticking duck tape over the verruca and leaving it in the dark without air for weeks helps to kill it. If I got one now-I'd try that first!
Bakuka worked a treat for my friend who was plagued by them, but you could also get that poisonous stuff that you paint on and it kills them, you then cut the dead bits off and repeat the process.

Left alone they will spread to other areas of your feet and other people too if you are in bare feet or share a bed with someone
im a great believer in garlic and have proven just how good it is in several ways by using myself. One thing i did when i had unsuccessfully treated a verruca and it had become very established (deep) too, was......get a fresh garlic corm from the greengrocers, break off one clove and peel, cut off a slice and put the fresh juicy bit onto your verruca keeping in place with a plaster type dressing. change this everyday or even twice a day and i would put money on it that it will go after a week or so. garlic will attack the MRSA bug amongst other things, in fact almost ALL things!!
God is that true about the garlic??
i could sit and write all day about the strengths of garlic!! but it is absolutely brilliant and a very old natural remedy....used to fend off the plague by placing in shoes even! i wont bore you and send you to sleep tho! but whatever your prob its worth a try and generally it is successful.
Well my son had a tiny verruca on his heel - the doctor said leave it and it would go - it didnt.A year later and he now has 3,all together.I have tried every chemist remedy but they just won;t shift!
not sure a child would put up with my garlic remedy! especially if he is quite young. but it is def worth a try.
Well I always have garlic at home - I have some now so I might give it a little go - just a tiny bit maybe?
I think I will try the garlic approach I have a very established one on my foot. The pain is starting to shoot up my leg to my knee today. I think I had better get to the doc's but time is short with having the kids to runaround after.
i think you need to be consistant with the garlic it needs to be there all the time, it would be a bit hit n miss to expect results without using it 24 hours a day. perhaps it may still work eventually but more drawn out.
My son used to suffer from verrucas terribly and was referred to hospital to have them removed with dry ice (???). He went several times, it stang and had no effect. Then he went camping one weekend and spent all his time in wet socks (which is supposed to make them worse) and the following week they all disappeared!
I beleive verrucas are a virus and they can disappear on their own and can come back again.
Have heard of people using banana skins on the affected area and leaving it on overnight - it's supposed to work.
Duck tape

Vinegar residue -( left to dry)

Banana Skin - inside of.
Info here: index&cPath=18_39

Had one for ages on the ball of my foot that was really painful to walk on. Tried all the usual over the counter remedies, even had the frozen treatment and nothing happened, then one day woke up and it had just disappeared! Apparently, that's quite normal. Now always wear flip flops in the gym showers.
i had one god did it hurt . doc froze it off in end that hurt even more then it went .so happy it did coz i could not walk some time when i had a verruca . its never come back that was over a year ago

Garlic. Day 4. Verruca looks deader and deader. Whole foot is unbelievably painful. But frankly this is the best response I have had. Changing garlic twice or more a day. I have had this thing about 3 years! It is going. Getting deader.
I had a verruca for years Tried everything nothing worked, it got bigger and more painful. Went on holiday to Cornwall, spent week mostly barefoot on beach and in sea. Ate loads of fresh fish, veg and roasted garlic. Week later it had gone. I think the combination of fresh air, salt water, good mood, immune boosting food and daily multivitamin got rid of it. I would definately advocate for the powers of garlic (tastes good too!). Don't despair it will go! Heard that some people noticed that their verrucas went after a course of antibiotics to treat another condition, I think that boosting ur immune system helps ur body fight the virus. Not sure if there are any studies supporting this? Good luck!

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