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manutdstott | 14:15 Tue 12th Aug 2003 | Body & Soul
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I am thinking of buying testoserone gel, to boost my confidence, stamina, & physique. Has anyone used it can they recommend it iso which product and where from. thanx


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I'm afraid I know nothing about the particular product you mention, but can tell you that too much testosterone, whether it is natural over-production by the body or otherwise, can cause very bad acne. This is likely to have an adverse affect on your confidence, as it would with most people, enough to outweigh any benefits you might experience.
So it's testorone gel and Clearsil then Manutdstott :-) soz, don't know where you get it, maybe same place as clearasil but the thing is; after a while you get used to it and feel no benefit maybe so you gonna up the dose? Where will it end, you need more money each time which hopefully you've generated with your extra confidence. Sounds like a vicious circle maybe. Why would your idea be any better than other dodgy drugs? e.g. amphetamine. [answer please] :-)
i'd imagine it would make you pretty violent.

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testoserone gel

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