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Meeting people on the internet.. follow up!!

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sair5412 | 11:21 Sun 19th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hi, thank you to all your lovely replies to my question 'Meeting people on the inernet'. All I can say is, Wow, Ah, Ooh, and the odd, Eeek!! All in all I got the general impression that it's not such a bad thing.

Well, I have now spoken on the phone to the guy I have been chatting to. We get on even better 'voice to voice' than I imagined!! We spoke yesterday morning for an hour and then last night for 3 hours!!! We just seem tp have so much in common and I feel like I've known him for ages!! It's crazy!! I've never done anything like this before.

I am now sitting at home with 2 hours to go before I go and meet him!!!!!! I am a nervous wreck!! Petrified but excited at the same time!!! A friend is going to take me to meet him and we are meeting in a pub just off the main road.

Arrrghhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Is all I can say!!! Wish me luck!!!!



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good luck
Oooooh good luck hon, just relax and you'll be fine :)

I hope it all goes well for you, let us know how you get on :)

I'm chatting to a lovely lovely guy online at the mo, am gonna try and pluck up the courage to ask him out!!!

good luck but u wont need it by the sound of it. take care
spill the beens jenna?? who is it???
sair5421, I really hope you have a lovely time. Just relax and enjoy yourself! Good idea to go with a friend, but still remember to be careful not to give out private information. This is your first meeting and so you don't want to be giving him your address and such. I hope you both (well the three of you really) have a great night out and that perhaps you will find someone special. XX :o)
He's lovely and gorgeous, seems like a real gentleman.

Was a bit cheeky and asked him if he wanted to meet for lunch earlier but he couldn't :(

Am gonna wait for him to ask now :)

Ooh she's not back yet, hope that's a good sign :)

excellent, but what is the question ?
How did it go Sair?

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Meeting people on the internet.. follow up!!

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