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Just to say a big thank you!

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freddy101 | 19:34 Sat 18th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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To you all:
I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advice you gave ref: Do Flowers Say Enough: uestion321668.html

My gf comes home on Monday and i'll be seeing her on Tuesday, and I have decided to go around hers with flowers, wine, ingredients for an indoor picnic and just make Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the most relaxing and special it possibly can be for her.

I spoke last night with a member of her family that she has been visiting whilst away. This person said that my gf is so in love with me too and that she has never known her to be this happy. I just want the world to know how happy I am too.

I know many a suggestion was to buy her an engagement ring, however it just doesn't seem right to spring that kind of thing on her before we yet move in together �.. But watch this space as it is definitely in my mind for the very near future!!

You know that feeling when you meet and love someone so badly that when they're out of your life for any period of time, you feel like a part of you is missing? ��. Well, I'm looking forward to feeling whole again, on Tuesday! � She is my true north.

So once again, thank you!!

P.S. Please feel free to keep dropping all the hints between now and Tuesday � think I'm going to need them!


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Didnt reply to your original post. But reading, what you have just posted. Was so lovely. You are very lucky to have each other. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness xx
i just wish it was tuesday. what you having for your indoor picnic?
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Hi Crete you can�t wait until Tuesday? (Why, what�s happening with you on Tuesday � or is that something to do with me?!)

As for the meal, not yet totally decided. Probably some salmon, spaghetti, scrambled eggs strawberry�s � and a few of her other favourites as well as some luxury chocs, and pistachio ice cream (her absolute fav!!)

I�m a chef in a top London restaurant (Zuma) so know just how she likes her food.

And hi Amiira thanks so much for the complement � its good to know that im going about this the right way and get some approval. Its really helping build my confidence. If you get a spare 2 secs. Feel free to read the orig. thread.

Glad to be of help :)

Sounds lovely!!! never got to Zuma when i lived in London but heard some fantastic things about it and always meant to go.

You'll have to let us know how it goes!

She's a very lucky lady :)

Sounds like youre still in the honeymoon period of the relationship-it really can last years. I hope it works out for you and that you never fall out of love. People can be so fickle. Im still looking for that one special person that wont fall out of love with me!

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Just to say a big thank you!

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