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what's your "thing"?

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bednobs | 19:18 Sat 11th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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come on, spill. I have several. Firstly i have to have the volume on my stereo on an even number, never odd. I have a certain way of eating everything. When i walk up the stairs, i always have to step off on my right foot (which means i count everyons stairs)

If you dont have a thing, you are lying! you just havent worked out what is odd about you yet!


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Roughquest.....It's considered shouting...and you are not allowed to shout on AB. Hurl loads of abuse but Not Shout
w.h.a.t. .a.b.o.u.t. .i.f. .y.o.u. t.y.p.e. .l.i.k.e. .t.h.i.s?
no that didnt work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On my roast dinners, I eat all my veg, then meat, roasties and a yorkie last, if I have one!
Hello mister magpie , hows your wife?
Have to have a bottle of water with me at all times, bit tricky at a party with a small handbag!
If I am worried about something, I have to sleep with my feet touching the the bottom of the bed!
Ok, enough now!! :-))
ooooh i cant have my feet at the bottom of the bed,quite petrified that a hand will grab them!!
mine seems to be picking really PRETTY women who annoy me!!!lol :-)_
how does he get capitals?
What a bunch of weirdos ..............I have to have things on set shelves in the fridge ..... you all are .....I can't have the volume on the tv or stereo on an odd number ..... I think you all need .............. and always set the time on my alarm clock 15 minutes fast (don't know why I don't just set it to ring 15 mins earlier) ..... THERAPY!!
LOL ~ woah are we a weird bunch on here or what?
Oooh :)

My clocks are all set different, mostly later but i know how much each is by. My bedside clock is half an hour fast so it doesn't feel like i'm waking up so early even though i know i am.

I have to eat things like opal fruits and fruit gums in order of colour.

I usually eat veg first them meat last.
fruit gums.patilles etc have to be eaten in the following order---blacks first, then reds, yellows greens and oranges orange smarties are always last too! I cant sleep with my wardrobe door or any of my drawers open. not so much now but even if i was sitting right by the phone it had to ring at least twice before i answered it, if i have a packet of crisps it has to be opened so that the one side is right the corners arent still sealed if anyone gets what i mean? cant think of any others but im sure there are some
Samuel23, If you don't know us by now you will never ever ever know us oooohhh ooh ooh! And Im not weird BTW !! :-))
lol @ joby
If I am on my own at night I switch on and off different lights at different intervals so anyone watching will see the house is occupied
When I reach a ringing phone I have to let it ring one more time before I pick it up, and I can't pick it up mid ring.

Desks and tables have to be square to walls and level with each other.

I always have to tell my daughter to take care when she leaves the house.

I like to think I am intelligent but I always count in twos by chanting 1,2 3,4 5,6 and so on, I never count 2 4 6 8.

My clothes have to co-ordinate - even if I am decorating or clearing out the shed I couldnt possibly wear navy with brown or black with brown or navy.

Samuel.....I Am Not Like These Weird People!!!!
The only body parts I mention, have to be 3 letters long, eye hip, arm, leg, ear, toe, jaw, rib, lip, gum, and I�m training to be a surgeon!!!
I need a little work on my bottom.....can you help me cool-russian?
I can�t work miracles!! :-)
I make lists for almost everything
I eat in several small bites, even things like chocolate truffles (I'm a slow eater)
I can't stand dirty dishes, always wash mine after I've finished eating.
I put the kettle on when stressed out (for tea, though most times I forget to actually make it)

In a restaurant, I must sit at a table facing the rest of the room. I can't sit in one facing a wall!

Like someone else earlier, my watch is always set to 15 mins fast. It doesn't feel right if it's at the correct time.

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