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girlieflirt | 20:10 Thu 09th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hiya - Does anyone on here have an interest in tarot cards and readings? My sister did me a tarot reading the other night and now im curious to know more, may be even teach myself how to read the cards. Does anyojne have any experiences of readings that have come true or have had a significant meaning? Any advice on the best cards to buy and how to teach yourself would be most appreciated. Thanks x


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I don't believe in it but that doesn't stop me pointing you in the right direction.

There seem to be hundreds of so-called 'free' online courses which actually want you to part with some money. (Alternatively, they look very basic). However, this one seems to be genuinely free - although you can buy it in book form -and it goes into a great deal of depth about the subject:

Hey, i'm very into this and read some cards myself, still got a lot to learn though :)

There are some very good books out there. As regards cards the best ones to get are the ones which feel right for you. Some suggest buying a special pouch, they do some lovely ones in silk and velvet and such and sleeping with them under your pillow to connect with them and you can meditate over them too. Just go with it and see what comes to you, don't force it or try too hard.

Don't rush it or try to run before you can walk, take the time to read, develop a connection with your cards and encourage your intuition, it's not really a textbook subject, you will develop with time and practice. See if there are any local groups or classes or more experienced readers who can help and support you, everyone has their own way though and you need to find that rather than try to mimic someone else's way. Or see if your sister will help you.

They do sell them in some shops such as WHSmith and Waterstones but try a local specialist shop or go to a fair type event to get some advice and have a far wider range to choose from.

I have some proper tarot cards but some other similar fortune cards I have seem to work far better for me and the results can be quite amazing :) They also tend to be simpler and easier to get to grips with as tarot can be very daunting for a beginner.

I always tell those I read for that it's guide and not a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Good luck and enjoy x
Here is a general guide...

This site is great as shows you all different decks, accessories such as pouches and scarves, books, sets and a guide for beginners... sources.htm

You can order off the site as well :)
For some lovely simpler cards try Titania Hardie's site, she does some lovely decks which are great for beginners...
Try your local spiritulist church, they often have 'open circle' followed by tuition in all sorts.

And they dont charge.
i read cards myself and have found that cards and books by doreen virtue are by far the best.
also recomend going to your local spiritualist church if you have an interest in this.
dont bother with the onlne courses etc. best route to take is through your spiritualist church,go along and meet a few people. very friendly,welcoming places.
sorry that link is meant to be
it will link you to her site. x
I used to read the cards too but haven't done it for a long time (I lost my 'touch') but start by using what is called the Major Arcana cards which are the 'picture' cards. They give a good reading and it's easier to become familiar with the meanings of the smaller pack.
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Oh thanks for your help and advice everyone! Esepcially Jenna, i'm really excited now! can you do readings on yourself? x
have to disagree with joby,sorry!
yes you can read your own cards,ive done many many readings of cards for myself. and this is how i and many mediums i know started readings, by familarising yourself with the cards and interpreting the meanings for yourself.
everybody works differently,theres no rules set in stone! nik.x

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