Muscle Cramps with a hangover

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noxlumos | 13:44 Sat 04th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hello, I went out last night and got well and truly lashed, not something I do very often these days. Feeling no ill effects, no headache, nausea etc, but have really quite nasty muscular tightening in my upper back and tops of my arms especially. I don't think its anything to do with how I've slept, but wondered if anyone else had ever had this when they've had too much to drink, as I noticed something similar but not so severe the last time I drank too much? I've drunk 3 pints of water this morning to counteract any dehydration but it's still there and I've been up a few hours now? Any ideas?


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nox, sound to me that you were swinging from the wardrobe last night and dont remember. take some vitamin c and a big fry up to help your hangover
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Lol, I probably was, but I think it's something that seems to happen when I have a drink, as I only ever notice it then. I'll go along with the vitamin C but I think a fry up would just about see me off, besides, aside from the alcohol, my body is a temple, I don't do fried food by and large. Lol.
nox quite right no fry up very unhealthy, now alcohol a different matter eh ? lol
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Well yeah, point taken:) I very rarely go above an odd pint or a glass of wine with food, since I used to have a "special" relationship with alcohol, but went out to a mixed Halloween and Bonfire party last night and since I wasn't driving got absolutely hammered. Went as Dracula, good night actually and i feel fine except for this shoulder thing.
Alcohol causes a build up of lactic acid.

Too much lactic acid causes cramps. e_guidance
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Ethel , you positive darling thing you. Thank you so much, I knew in my own mind it was related to the alcohol, so yet another good reason not to do it again.
-- answer removed --
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Hello wardy, been upsetting the status quo as usual I see. Lol.
The last I remember talking to you was yesterday I think before I went out on the tiles, or was it the night before when you leaped to my (Catholic) defence when old Adonia/ Adar/ sniper face was sticking it's trolly little oar in.
I do wish people wouldn't take you so seriously, took me a while to realise mind, still it's all good value for money.
I understand from someone that you are the lovely ummmmmm? Mind you I'm allegedly Waldo McFroog as well, so that info is about as factual as an opinion poll that says Tony Blair's popular:)
That's about right, i've been away on a business trip and when i come back i get accused of stirring up trouble.
WTF are you on about noxy?
Nox, he's definitely not me. I'm no where near as sarcastic as wardy.
Question Author
Evening sniper, if you are not one in the same as Adonia and adar then please disregard the above. I was always slightly suspicious of you as the sniper was my username on a now defunct forum. Apologies if I got you wrong.
Ummmmm, I know you're not wardy, it just never ceases to amaze me how many people are accused of being doppelgangers for other people. I was accused of being Waldo once, but as I pointed out I'm not as bright as he is.
Ignore Adonia, a couple of nights ago he/she/it accused Ward-Minter and my good self of being one and the same,
Minter has nowhere near my class and penach

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Muscle Cramps with a hangover

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