supermarket benecol cholesterol busters

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informashun | 22:02 Fri 13th Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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all major shops sell benecol etc to lower chol, levels.
my question seems axiomatic(sorry) but i am on statins from the doc.
in this case would i be right in thinking for me to purchase
these would be akin to peeing into the sea.


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I am on statins too....20mg .I got my wrists slapped by my GP as my level was is now under 5 and I have never taken this Benecol or any of these other things things they reckon can lower your cholesterol.I just eat a low fat diet and no saturated fat.I think they are just a money spinner.You are hardly going to lower your cholesterol just by having them have to follow some sort of regime as well.
My nephew said that because he drunk one of those drinks every day he could eat as many fatty bacon butties as he liked !! Utter tosh ..his cholesterol was still sky high when he had it tested.
My cholesterol was 7.7 and I had only gone to get my blood tested for diabetes (which was fine by the way). So I cut out cheese, chocolate, ice cream etc, just started eating sensibly tho I don't exercise enough. It went down to 6.5, still high, so off to see doctor next week, possibly for statins. I take Tesco's own pro biotic drinks, they are yummy anyway, and when I can afford it I buy Benecol spread, I think a lot of it is being sensible. I know someone on statins whose cholesterol is now 4.7 and so he eats everything he shouldn't, how stupid is that?
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supermarket benecol cholesterol busters

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