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lostashley | 16:38 Wed 11th Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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I am going to see my grandparents grave over the holidays this year. I don't remember where they are buried. I know it's in a memorial cemetary in New Jersey because my grandfather was in the air force. Their names are Edward Donnelly and Lucy Donnelly. Is there a way somone can please help me to find out where they are buried at please?


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Hi lostashley:-)

this is a UK Q&A forum and most of us users are Brits. Whilst we do have some members from the States I really think you'd be better off asking this on an American forum.

Good luck!
Here in the UK we have a 'grave paper' which shows the owner (or original buyer of the grave), the names of the people buried in it and the grave number. I was sent one by a cousin last week as I am tracing the family history. I rang the cemetary in question and they have sent me a map of where the grave is in the cemetary. Maybe you have something similar in the US?

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