how can I trace a certain telephone number?

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willow66 | 12:49 Mon 11th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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can I find out who owns a number without having to pay? I have looked on search engines but you have to sign up and pay.


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usually I ring it and they tell you who they are :-) Why? is someone bothering you?
I have previously just typed the number into ask/google etc and if it is a company or the person has a website it ususally comes up.
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my partners ex has moved back to the area and we think it might be her. she caused a lot of trouble in the past!
If its an ex, just ignore it. Rise above it and she will soon get bored. Why you going to all the trouble
Just ring the number,and ask if there interested in Double Glazing....if its not the person you know that answers..ask for the occupants names so you can cross them of the list,and they wont be bovvered?" again..might work..(:o)
Or if you really want to lower yourself to her level. Stick a blank piece of paper in fax, dial her number and she will be hearing lovely fax tones all day :-)
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because of the trouble she caused in the past. we know she has returned to the area and if it is her then we may need to change our number but don't really want to.
you can also go on and do a search you may be on there (depending on if you vote or are ex directory) or not.
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Hey wnjxc21 :) am i doing it wrong, it says my work number is a Antigua and Barbuda number (i wish ha ha)
you have to replace the 0 with +44 for the u.k code! that should work
Theres a great company:

For a small fee of �150.00 GBP they are able to trace 99% of all landline / mobile phone numbers (listed / unlisted)......

Check our the exact sevice page here: trace.html
I have a mobile no but need to know who it belongs to any one know how?

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how can I trace a certain telephone number?

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