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Mmmmmmmmm Nice!

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Stav | 11:09 Sat 17th May 2003 | Body & Soul
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Why do we enjoy the smell of our own farts, but cant stand the smell of anyone elses?!?


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After my favourite broad beans and curry I sometimes have to leave the room myself! I daren't light a match for fear of a nuclear-type explosion.
Yes I think this as with family photos and one else appreciates them like you do. I read that one of the rolling stones said something similar about music.
perhaps it's because we have lived with the smell of our own farts for all of our lives, so we are used to it. It's also a good feeling when we let rip especially in our own company.I've also noticed that when out riding on my horse if another horse drops a pile of dung, my horse will pretty much afterwards will do the same, after smelling it first,may i add.
I have to say I actually gave up drinking bitter because of the smells the morning after it's quite amusing if you can clear the room in work with a smelly one now and again but when you get a reputation for it its a bit embarrasing . The ones that I find the most amusing are the more tuneful ones and they don't usually smell either.
Presume that this is a "men only" question, because, as we all know ..............
Not true mikewall! I have a wife and two daughters. The wife always denies it of course!
Here is my theory. Farting is our animal way of cats spray we dont mind our own smell but when we smell other peoples our animal instinct is to reject it because it is an 'intruder' but as we have changed so much since the days of the cave man, we still 'reject' other smells but we dont know why, so we laugh it off. (But you know now).
because it's yours and you know it's safe and powerful.. so you would likely be proud of it. :-)
I hate to disappoint you with your theory brooklyn77 but we fart to remove gases created during digestion, in the alimentary canal - some go up (burp) some are too low down in the system and go out the other end (fart).
Why do we hate someone elses emissions but not our own? I read recently that Scientists have analysed the reasoning to why we find things visually "disgusting" (i.e., maggots, a "floater" in the toilet, the contents of someone's stomach in the street, mold etc) is that subconsciously we are aware that they are a danger to our body (chemical/biological). Perhaps this reasoning explains others' smells? (whereas we can be safe with our own smell knowing it came from our own body)
Well they always say home grown ones are the best.

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Mmmmmmmmm Nice!

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