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Junk mail, a moral issue

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Waaii | 00:15 Sun 20th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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I have twice received a mailing with a 20p supposed to be from a poor child or nun in a 3rd world country asking for help. Why would they not keep the 20p's if they are so hard up. This is moral blackmail. What do you do with the 20p? I sent it to Watchdog to comment but heard nothing back.


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coffee in our works drinks machine is 20p, i could use them.
if they have a pre-paid reply envelope, empty the contents of your hole-punch into it with a note saying ...''I've had your cr^p, now you can have mine''

Makes a hell of a mess in their office
Any junk mail you object to, fill in the form or whatever they have sent you, tell them where to go in writing while you're at it and send it back to them without a stamp so they have to pay the postage. Do explain to them and the postie on the envelope why you have witheld said stamp so they get the message. Don't do this to charities though, that's just mean!
Then go to the papershop and do as WM says, fine suggestion :o)
Unsolicited items that are delivered to you are yours to keep free of charge and do with as you will. If you request something you have to pay for it, or return it at your own expense. W~M's suggestion of a finger of fudge may well be a tasty way of disposing of the (unwanted?) 20p's but why not put them in a charity collection box of your own choice? That way you get to feel good as you get to help a worthy cause.
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Thank you all. Yes there are many things one can do with 20p and the charity box answer got my vote the 2nd time.

But why do it? Is it for real?

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Junk mail, a moral issue

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