Tingley-painful-pins and needley hands

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mimififi | 11:32 Wed 09th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had ever had this bizarre thing happen to them?

yesturday when i was washing the clothes (I wash everything my hand) I suddenly started having terrible pins and needles and pains and tingles in my hands right up to my elbows every time I put may hand lower than my elbows. If I held them up they would be fine and the pain would stop instantly. It felt almost like an electric shock. I have had something very similar before when i was pregnant and it would wake me at night, but never this intensely. I don't know if it was triggered by the repetitive action of washing the clothes?

I have it also sometimes when I'm typing and certainly when knitting; I can only knit for short periods and again have to hold my hands up in the air and wait for the pain to stop.

Am I going insane? I can't surely go to the doctor with such a bizarre thing, he'll think i'm a loonypants!!!!

thank you in advance for any insight.


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Hi mimififi - you should visit your GP just to get it checked out . It could be caused simply by slight pressure on a nerve when you are in a certain position but there are other conditions that may cause pins and needles in limbs . Do you have any other symptoms or is that all of them ?
Get it checked to be on the safe side.
im a bit like you over the past month my little finger has become numb now spreading to the next finger and side of my hand !!!!!!!!!!!
There could be lots of reasons, so go and see your GP. It's not loony, P&Ns can indicate a more serious problem.

However, my wife started suffering P&N in her arms, it kept her awake at nights sometimes. It turned out to be a trapped nerve in her neck and she had to have an operation to fix it. Successful (touch wood) and she's been fine ever since.
I'm not a medic but it sounds either like a trapped nerve or repetitive strain injury to me, both of which can be excruciatingly painful. Your GP sounds the best first port of call in trying to resolve it.
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oh ok, I shall see the quack then. I just thought it sounded bizarre, but obviously, it isnt.

|Thank you so much for helping and responding. You have made me feel less like a loonatic!

It sounds very much like your carpel tunnels. It's a very common problem and quite easily cured with a small operation. It's when nerves get trapped in the wrist area (the carpel tunnel). Repetetive actions like knitting or typing can make the symptoms worse. Have you tried an anti-inflammatory drug (ibuprofen). This may relieve it a little. You're definately not loonypants anyway....Good luck x x

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Tingley-painful-pins and needley hands

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