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Am I being too picky?

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amazingtoxic | 21:35 Thu 27th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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My date the other day was ok by the way, not amazing, he was a bit too poetic and too mature for me it think. I think I might be being too picky what do you think -- I am now trying this internet dating thing and I always feel as though I can be bothered to meet a guy if he doesn't offer to meet me close to me or even offer to pick me up. I mean I don't mind driving to meet someone but I always like them to offer.



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I might be old fashioned but you^d get into a car with someone you^d met on the internet. Can^t you meet someone through a friend or something.
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No I never get in the car with them, boy don't be silly, what I mean is, I always like them to offer, if they don't im like "oh" if they do I say no don't worry about they we can meet somewhere.

the internet is full of cramks don't rush into anything without severe vetting ?!
Dont give out where you live, just the area.
the internet can be a good place to meet a great date or more but can also be dangerous.
Always arrange to meet in public, drive yourself there and park in a public, well lit area.
Arrange for a friend to text or phone you with a question only you know the answer to and make sure that if they dont hear back or the wrong answer is given that they come and find you immediately.
Have fun with the dating scene but please put your safety first.
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Thanks for the concerns guys but can some of you answer my question too?
sorry amazing but Im sure by saying that you shouldnt give your address away that also covers not allowing them to pick you up.
Most decent men on the dating sites wont offer in case they are seen as stalkers.
no i dont think you r being too picky because if you did find sum1 you really liked then you wouldnt be noticing their bad obviously this guy wasnt for you. i hope you understand what im trying to say as i cant really explain what i mean??
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Thanks dollbaby
its ok dont worry coz im like that wen its comes to dating guys thers no point trying to dismiss what annoys you on the 1st date wen you no in the long run it will just get on your nerves!! lol
agree with all the safety advice but i always find that the people who end up meaning most in your life are the ones you meet with no pre meditated ideas or expectations.
and i agree, chivalry is a dying art, the more of us that practice it the better.
Don't ever get into a car with anyone you don't know.

My friend did get into someone's car who she met via the internet and it turned into a bit of a dodgy situation.

Now she meets them in a public place and lets someone know where she is going to be at.
ow, i would love to meet a mature guy... i don't know how old you are or what your past history with men is but i only seem to attract immature men that never have any money, are in a dead in job and don't care about anything but the here and now. If they are the only two things you don't like about him i would defo reconsider

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Am I being too picky?

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