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wolf63 | 11:53 Sun 09th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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I am trying to win a competition in and need people to visit my webpagey thing there. I can win vouchers to take me on holiday. I haven't been on holiday for years as my health has been a tad dodgy (manic depression/bipolar disorder). I am dieting like a maniac as my brother has promised to take me to a Stargate Convention if I get down to 16 stone (yes, 'down' to 16 stone) by the end of October 2006. If I get the vouchers then maybe he will extra nice to me and we could go to the big meeting in Vancouver (with his wife and kiddies). Please help this saddo. hp

I think that visiting the site and reading all my useless hints is all that is required. I am addicted to entering competitions. Susan


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Nice Top Tip's there Susan!!! :o)

I especially like the one about getting a good photo, give the camera to someone else lol

...and the arriving at a destination and what to do first if it's not what it's cracked up to be lol

Good luck with it all, I will pass it on to my friends to look at :o)
i've been on it 2 susan. best of luck with winning the holiday and with loosing weight xXx
hiya susan, i have read them all, fab tips...good luck with it xxx
You go girl!
good luck x x x
Hi Susan, I've visited your site also, and wish you good luck with all your competitions. As the saying goes:
"You've got to be in it to win it!" so it is well worth a try.
Take care.
ok, i visited it, and good luck dear
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applebee - and I was just reading your pussycat query. My cat was an indoor cat, very nervous cat and very busy road combination. One day he did get out, scared him ******** and he never tried it again. He saw that the grass was NOT greener outside and was content to watch the world pass by his windowsill until the day he died.
good luck xXx
Hi wolf

I cheated, and visited it twice!!

Hope it helps lol

Good Luck ☺
Hi Susan, I've visited your site, and good luck, hope you win the vouchers. Paws x

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please keep me sane

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