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Princess Sue | 23:44 Wed 28th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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Can any one tell me any sites to look up that will offer me some guidance and inspiration. I have to write something in the book of rememberance following the death of my husband, but because of 2 marriages and step children the wording has to be thought out. Thanks.


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I think if you write from your heart and be truthful (not saying you're not) you will be surprise how much you will write and how great it will be when you are finish.

First jut down the good things about your husband and then elaborate on them a bit.

Talk about the good times and not so good times and how you both made it thru.
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Thanks for your kind thoughts - I will give it a try.
firstly , sincerest condolences on your sad loss Sue.

would you be able to talk to your local vicar perhaps ?

They are usually good with words, especially for occasions like this.

perhaps you could write a few lines of what you think you should say and ask his opinion.

best wishes to you. x

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Book of Rememberance

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