Natural alternatives to statins

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Lindt21 | 15:10 Mon 19th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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Does anybody know of any natural alternatives to statins. A friend of mine suffered a heartattack (in his early forties) and has to take statins to keep his cholesterol down (even though it isn't high) however he has tried them all and gets side effects such as nausea, fatigue and muscle aches. Does anybody suffer the same and has found anything that doesn't produce these symptoms - obviously he will discuss things with his doctor before doing anything but wanted to know other peoples experiences.


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what about that plant sterol stuff in flora proactive/benecol?

Hi lindt21,

My husband is on Simvastatin after being told last year that his cholesterol was higher than they (G.P's) preferred. (Ironically, when I checked his records, it was less than government/NHS guidelines [which has had a lot of coverage in the media to date]). It was also discussed on a radio programme a few weeks back about all the side-effects. Unfortunately, it is not a treatment that can be discontinued when the patient shows a lower reading, because the cholesterol would sky rocket.....I know all this because on a recent blood check for my hubby, I asked our GP for the count and was told it was 3.4 (way under said guidelines). Asked if he could come of them she advised against it for the above reasons. Diet etc does not have an effect if the body is already making its own cholesterol level (sometimes heredity) and heart problems play a great part. I have searched all avenues to rectify this and have been told that it is still to be prescribed, no matter what other methods (alternatives/diet/medication) are used or tried.

I sympathise with your friend, because like my hubby and all those out there who joined the forum on the radio are in a Catch 22 situation, and will have to suffer the debillitating side-effects.

Not much comfort to you. Sorry xXx

I someone who takes alternative remedies, I would suggest you`re friend discusses this with someone at their local health shop. Some things are not suitable for everyone.
ps. Should have read AS someone.
Firstly Lindt21 I can appreciate that your friend is having to put up with some nasty side effects. But he has had a heart attack or an MI as it is known by medics.
This Im sure you realise is very serious.
The most appropriate thing would be to discuss this with his GP.
Im frankly quite scared by the response given by beejaybee.
Alternative medicines and therapies have there place and I myself have been known to use them. However please understand that the use of statins has proven health benefits and can reduce the risk of a further MI.

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Natural alternatives to statins

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