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Scarlett | 17:01 Mon 01st May 2006 | Body & Soul
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For a musical, I need some names (male and female) linked with sweets. Like Angel Cake, Di Gestives, Del Monty... Can you think of any others? Anything linked with sweets/cake/confectionary etc


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Batty Burg and Mad Era!

I'll keep thinking.......

You could have an Irish Australian called Jeff O'Cakes. (It works better with an Ozzie accent)
Gary Baldy
Gary Baldy, Rich T.

I'll keep thinking...
It could be set in Ma's Bar (Mars Mar)
La Creme, Soft Cake, Sugar Sweet, Milky, Milky White, Hot Cake

Sweet Kiss, Chocolate Kiss, Sweet N Sour, Lollipop

mmm this is fun ;)

Candy Lipstick

Cara Mac

Dolly Beads


Palma Violet

Black Jack

Catherine wheel (liquorice)

mmmm this is making me hungry!

Chris P (Crisp)

Hari bo (Haribo)

....had a think....

Min Spie

Cherry Bun

Prof Iterole

Granny Loaf

Brandy Snap

Bertie basset

Catherine wheel....or was that just a firework?! Sure it was a liquorice sweet too???!

the villain could be...............Dia A Betes

the lead role could be given to..... Candi Statton

other cast members could be.......Cher Bet-Lemon, Loli Pop, Chelsea Bunn, Jub Lee, Kay Lie, Simon Le Bonbon, etc etc

instead of cherie blair, what about cherie trifle?

Ma zipan, pearl drops,(probably a bit to long ago)

peaches insirup, lemon ada,

i'll keep thinking.

Cherry Lips

Flora L Gums

Opal Fruits

Kendall Mintcake

Macca Roon

Victoria Sponge

Rock Buns

Ginger Nuts

Patty Cake

...and if you have a Chinese/Irish about Rick O'Rish


At last, been trying to post these for past 20 min's!!

With my husband�s help:

� Mac O�Roon
� A. Syd Drop
� Penny Chew
� Carrie Mel Chocolate
� Annie Seedball
� Min Toze

We had such a laugh making these up!

Rats! it took so long to get to the bottom to see if anyone had suggested what I thought, I've forgotten what I thought of.

Quiche Lorraine

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Sweet names!

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