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Losing weight if not over-weight

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123345 | 19:55 Sun 30th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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I am very thin(size 8) but I need to lose weight.As a size 8 will it be dangerous to lose anymore or can my body cope with being a few stones lighter.I need to lose the weight cos I got a modelling deal on condition I become a size 6.I honestly am not asking this question to boast.


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Continued from above....

he went into the same loony hospital as her but managed to get out early when they compared them both........

he was obviously not as sick as her.

...maybe if your head wasn't so big you would loose a few more pounds...
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He could not have a conversation with me without making a sexual comment .He once said''you cant be a lesbian I mean I would **** you''.I just walked away.Maybe it is unfair to compare you to him cos you are nothing like as bad.
I was a bit drunk yesterday when i made them comments.

Being size 6 and 5'9" you will look like a giraffe. Whats wrong with having some t1ts and @ss? And you will probably stop menstruating. I dont know if you are what you claim to be but its hilarious that you think it would be construed as boasting. Do you really think its every girls dream to look like an emaciated wreck? IMO Tyra Banks is one of the most gorgeous and sexy people around. Size 6? I dont think so. In response to dancealot13, do you mean a european or american size 6?

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Losing weight if not over-weight

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