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Would you hit a girl?

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123345 | 17:28 Sun 30th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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This question is for the men.I was wondering if you would physically hurt a girl even if she was really masculine.A friend of mine who is REALLY masculine was hit by a man and he said she looked like a man so was going to be hit like one.Surely that can't be right.It doesn't matter how butch they are they are not as strong and cannot defend themselves.


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I don't think there is any justification in hitting a woman, unless she has a great physical strength and cannot be restrained. Nobody should ever hit anybody, for that matters, but if a woman becomes violent and starts lashing out at a man, he should use his relative superior physical strength to restrain her, not hit her. I'm sorry to say this, but that man who hit your friend sounds like a right idiot. Some women look more impressive than others, physically, just like some men look weaker than others.That does not mean they should become a target for violent idiots. I'm a woman, btw.

No, i would never hit a woman ever.

i would hit a women if i needed to defend myself, in the same way i would hot a man if i needed to defend myself and wouldn't feel any guilt - though of course i would only use the force i felt necessary to stop any attack... other than that i wouldn't hit anyone irrespective of there gender.
when i say "hot a man" - mean HIT a man... oops
In this day and age I would suggest common sense should dictate you are prepared to use what ever force you deem necessary to protect yourself, be it against male or female attacker.
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I agree obviously you cannot let a woman beat you up especially if she is using some kind of weapon.What I find interesting is the ''butch'' women are often the physically weak ones.
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I am not masculine.
I can concieve of no situation in my life at present, or has been in the past, where I would hit a girl, however, if I needed to defend myself, or my family, ????????????

As said before, I would only hit a girl to defend myself, friends or loved ones. It is terrible when some women use this to their advantage and abuse and taunt men (either physically, verbally or mentally) who feel they cannot retaliate. I have been in many a situation when a woman has upset me and I dont do anything about it and have to just walk away. Saying that I would think less about fighting a man than a fighting a woman but in either case it would be my last and most desperate option.
Be it chivalry, manners or conscience I would probably* never hit a woman. Ah well...'tis life I s'pose

*situation and conditions apply

are u butch Svet?

Jees, are you a carpet muncher then 123345???

I have heard you are the bitch from hell on other posts, and being that you also drink from the furry cup???

Well well well

What sort of weapon??? A dildo???
I'd hit you but I'm a girl does that count? you think I cud have the ability to change you from a lesbian to a hetro woman with my lovemaking ability?

I thought Zeus was the God of the Sky not the bloody God of S.E.X.

Never. Those who do should be ashamed.
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To both your comments.I have just realised the laptop is working now.It was not before.

I have seen fights break out in town with two blokes where the gf of one of the blokes gets involved and jumps in. If they get a good slap its their own fault. I also have no sympathy for drunk, loutish girls getting a good slap either, from a male or a female. They behave like men swearing, shouting and fighting so why should they get away with it??

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Would you hit a girl?

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