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Can't trust my husband

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portocat | 08:55 Thu 09th Mar 2006 | Body & Soul
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I am looking for other peoples ideas on my situation. What would you do if you didnt trust your husband because certain things had triggered off suspicions in your mind over time.

If you had checked his phone 3 times over the course of 11 months and each time you had found that he had been texting and phoning random women, some of which you knew were f*** buddies from before you got married, others that you had never heard of.

If you were 6 months pregnant with his baby - the first child - and owned a house together.

If you had told him before you had seen his phone and the messages, and he was sorry and you had tried to work it out and trust again. He had promised to not contact these people again, but then you checked his phone last night (3rd time) and he had been phoning two women on a night out with the boys, one of which was a former f*** buddy, and one of which you had never heard of.

I feel trapped now I have a baby coming, which we wanted more than anything but what I dont want more than anything is to be with someone I cannot trust as it is eating me up. How can a relationship thrive when one person continuiously insists on keeping up secret contact with random members of the opposite sex.

He had female friends, which I have no problem with at all, it is these secret hidden away not mentioned women that I have a problem with.



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His behaviour is far from good enough.

I'm afraid it's a case of, if he won't stop what he is doing, you are going to have to decide if you would be happier if he wasn't in your life.

sorry love, but I second that.

Confront him and dump him if necessary, I'm sure he will come running when he realises what he is missing. You need security not paranoia and if he won't give it you then there will be someone else out there for you. Honestly! Jesus, what is a f*** buddy anyway? A slapper with no respect for herself?
It seems bizarre that someone who committs to getting married and to having a child and retains so called f**** buddies?! It just doesn't add up???! Why get married?

"For better or worse, forsaking all others.."

This man doesn't deserve you. Be strong and take control of the situation. Good luck!

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Can't trust my husband

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