more cold viruses this year than ever before?

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chinadoll | 21:17 Thu 02nd Mar 2006 | Body & Soul
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Seem to be going from one cold to another since xmas.... definitely feel this year is a bumper year for them....what do you think?


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Hmmmmm - not sure ..... maybe your resistance is low for some reason. I never seem to get a cold and nor does my partner, maybe we are just lucky but I do work in a large open plan office and I have only had about two colds in the last five years. I swear by porridge every morning.

china, i know where your coming from, I,ve had that many colds in the last 4 months i suspected ''birdflu''

On a more serious note tho you only have to see the amount of schools closed this year due to Flu bugs etc.

I do seem to have a low resistance tho walking around the house in shorts and bare feet don't help the situation, my work also requires me to be inside/outside on a regular basis so once again the body dose'nt no if its coming and going.

Ps, forgot to mention i,m also a shift worker {24 hour clock} which also dose'nt help.

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Yes you can swear anywhere around the house really. And again, something I keep telling everyone, I take Echinacea from Holland and Barrett (I should have shares in it, the amount of times I recommend it on AB). When you feel a cold or flu coming on, or someone around you sneezes or is ill, take two Echinacea the first day, then one every day for a week. The build up the immune system. It seems to help me every time... Don't take them for more than a week, and only when you need them. Also take a Vit C fizzy tablet every day during winter months - Tesco are cheapest.

JudieWudie. Messages for you on my low rise trouser question.

Yes I think that there are definitely more colds around and unfortunately once you get them they don't go away. I swear we have been passing the same one around our household for the last six weeks!! Have now ended up with an ear infection due to recurrent colds and this hasn't happened for years and years. Hopefully the really frosty crispy weather we have had this last week will kill off the bugs.

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more cold viruses this year than ever before?

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