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missmooncat | 21:18 Mon 27th Feb 2006 | Body & Soul
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My hubby has over the past couple of days been complaining of his eye fluttering(like it does occasionally)

Its happening to him a lot and can last for a hour or so,he says it feels like a vein or something pulsating.

He says it doesnt feel right and i keep seeing him put his hand over his eye,and look out of the other.He is going to make an appointment with optician tomorrow,does anyone have any idea what it could be?? Would he be better going to his Doctor or Optician.



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Sorry dunno missmooncat, though I sometimes get this complaint for about an hour after I wash my hair..v wierd! It's not painful, just annoying. Would be interested to hear what mrmooncat's doc says tho.
My family always called it "flicky jacks" and, so I'm told, it is an indication of tiredness or stress. I get it if I'm overtired or run down and it can last for 2 or 3 weeks then goes away. No harm in seeing a doctor, though.
agree with reddoggy - I get it when I'm over tired too - ca last quite a while too!!

I have no wish to scare you or your husband but I was suffering with the same problem and found it very irritating to say the least. I then had to go into hospital for something completely unconnected and very unimportant, however, when they took my blood pressure it was found to be absurdly high. I have now been put on medication to lower my blood pressure and my eye hasn't fluttered since. I spoke to my doctor recently and mention the eye thing and he said that its cause was very likely linked to the high blood pressure.Don't panic, your husbands problem might be completely different but its worth seeing his doctor just to be on the safe side.

My eyelids do this from time to time. In my case, my doctor said it happens when I am very tired or stressed, and also when I have some sort of buildup within my eyelid. I cannot recall what the buildup is, but he told me to run warm water on a cloth and put it on the eye lid - warm, but not too hot! I will do this if I have the fluttering for more than a couple of days.

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thanks everyone he has got an appt for tomorrow moring(very quick)Will let you know what doc says,he could be run down he`s not been sleeping well lately.

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Fluttering eye

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