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Relief becomes confusion

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Drusilla | 14:04 Thu 09th Feb 2006 | Body & Soul
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Having recently undergone an MRI and a whole host of other tests, I was overjoyed to be informed I don't have any of the illnesses my doctors and I initially suspected. However, no diagnosis has been made to explain my symptoms and my initial euphoria is gradually being eroded and I'm now confused and uncertain.
Will this pass, or do you think it might be an idea to chat over my concerns with a therapist for a few sessions?


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You don't say what your symptoms are - but have you been to any other type of practioner? I had a mysterious pain a few years ago - the docs couldn't find out what it was and told me it was all in my head so I found someone who does shiatsu who really helped. I think you might get some help by seeing someone who will treat the whole person and not just the symptoms, so I would suggest shiatsu/acupuncture, or chinese medicine. Kiniesiology is effective too, as it looks at problems you may have with blood system, lymph system, muscular system, nervous system, and diet. (could it be some allergy?) Just make sure the person is qualified. Best of luck. Agh - re-readng question, this doesn't really answer it, no don't go to a therapist, they're too expensive! Have a chinwag with friends or treat yourself to a nice massage, use affirmations (Louise Hay is great) and tell yourself you're great and pat yourself on the back.

Firstly - that is brilliant news Drusilla.

I also as I said before went through the same tests and they came back clear.Still have the symptons but funnily enough they have abated and I now wonder if the worry and stress exacerbated them.I dont even give them a thought now if they rear up.That is me - everyone is different.Could you perhaps give yourself a bit of breathing space for a couple of weeks and then re-assess how you feel?

I think it will pass and what you are experiencing is a huge mood swing due to the worry of wondering if something was wrong and having to wait for the results.

Let me know how you are doing.x

did the doctors say they didn't know what you'd got, or did they just rule out certain ailments and leave it at that? If the latter you could always ask again; sometimes they forget that people want to know more. Maybe your GP can help, now he/she has had some of the worst-case scenarios ruled out.

I don't know that therapists could actually help - you know what causes your confusion: it's that you don't know what's ailing you. I suspect all a therapist could say would be to tell you to find out more, or accept your ignorance. I'm telling you that for free. Are the symptoms themselves causing you problems, or was it just the thought that they were caused by something serious? Do you still perhaps suspect you do have something serious that the doctors have missed? Either way, I would have thought going back to your GP, armed with more knowledge than you had previously, would be a good start.

Or you could just google your symptoms... but like it says on the B&S section, asking a doctor is better.

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Thank you for your answers. The doctors have ruled out MS and associated illnesses, jno. I feel I'm in medical limbo at the moment and keep hearing the dreaded expresion, 'viral infection', which I suspect is doctor speak for, 'we don't know'.

but the thing is Drusilla a viral infection can be very real, and very debilatating, and they may be telling you teh truth. Think of shingles, guillaine barre syndrome (sp sorry), and other similar viral infections which cause severe pain, sometimes even paralysis etc. My mother in law has chronic pain in her back and upper legs. Painkillers sometimes take the edge off, but not always. She has been for a myriad of tests, seen countless specialists and tried all sorts of therapies, but it seems that they all lead to the same conclusion, it's viral. She was at first skeptical, but after months of investigation, it seems most of the consultants/practitioners etc agree it is a result of a viral infection. That's her diagnosis.

I also think we have to accept the limits of medicine. We do not know everything about the world around us, and new viruses are almost certainly cropping up all the time, giving rise to new symptoms, new illnesses and diseases. I kind of agree with jno, not sure a therapist would help you an awful lot, but why not give it a try and see? good luck.

I struggled for years with various ailments, went to several hospital departments & nothing showed up in the test results. As I'd already been very ill in the past I was never dismissed without some investigation but always the same answer came back. Then quite by accident I saw an article on tv about Fibromyalgia & I knew they were talking my language! So I did a bit of research & put it to my GP - who fortunately isn't one who doesn't believe it exists - but it took another 18 months at least to go through the elimination process & be diagnosed.
I'm not saying that's what your problem may be as I don't know your symptoms. What I am saying is don't give up, do your own research as jno says. If there's a collection of problems, as in my case, maybe no one has looked at them as a whole.
I really don't know about a therapist helping but if you feel you need someone to listen to how you feel emotionally while the doctors continue to deal with the medical side then try it.

Good luck Drusilla.

check out hypermobility - it can give some strange symptoms of weakness, headaches and 'fluey' etc
Drusilla - am delighted your tests proved negative. Four years ago I underwent similar tests for the same reason and results were (mostly) negative. However, I still suffer from the same symptoms, (numbness, burning in the legs, occasional bouts of total exhaustion) but they have stayed stable and come and go, so I have learned to live with them. Once I discovered I was not one step away from a wheelchair, which understandably terrified me when MS was first considered a possibility, I now try to ignore whatever is causing the problem. I think Drisgirl may be right in that you have been through a period of considerable stress and anxiety with the Sword of Damocles hanging over you and if you can try and live with your symptoms for a while, eating healthily and gently exercising, they might burn themselves out like a virus or start to diminish. Our bodies are such complicated mechanisms that sometimes it's a wonder they continue to function at all. Good luck and hope whatever it is eventually clears up. Keep us posted. .

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Relief becomes confusion

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