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Turning 30!!!

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Robble | 20:03 Tue 17th Jan 2006 | Body & Soul
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It suddenly hit me today - I turn 30 in 5 months and I haven't done a thing with my life! Eek!!! Spent the day bugging my friends (who have all turned 30 already and are feeling smug cos I mocked them when it happened to them) about it but I feel I need to accomplish something big before I leave my twenties behind! I work in an office in Glasgow and can't do any of the big ones - quit my job, go travelling, swim with dolphins etc but can anyone suggest something big, but simple, that I could try...?


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A parachute jump?
im turning 30 on friday !! i know the feeling so i have given myself a plan ....... visit everywhere in our big planet i can and worry about it when im 40 !!! not very constructive but hey you only live once !
Run a marathon - start training now! Yours truly turns forty this year,and am going to celebrate by (hopefully) doing the New York Marathon. Did the London marathon in 1992, and loved it.
Hot Air Balloon, not too expensive and a great experience
Hello. I turned 30 last May, and promptly learned to scuba-dive. It is really great fun, and once you have got your qualification, there are SO many places where you can dive, both here and overseas.
I've turned 30 and was just thinking about this question. The one thing <of many> that I can't do is Ice Skate and I would love before my next birthday I'm going to learn. So thank you for making me think about it :o)
On my 30th I got drunk with all of my friends watching the Welsh cream us in the 6 nations, you could try something similar...perhaps watch England get knocked out of the world cup by the Faroe Islands whilst getting drunk with your friends?

Hey, I just turned 37 - yuk and the thirties are much more fun. I never did anything before, but now I try to get to about three countries a year, have been skiing for the first time at Christmas, went to six pop/rock concerts last year and am finally under a bit less financial pressure ( long may it continue).

My advice, do not panic. Have a nice birthday :)


Hi Robble, I will be 40 in December and im not really looking forward to it as im quite shy and i dont want alot of fuss and attention, especially from work colleges. I too dont know what to do to mark this milestone in my life, as im not very adventurous, I cant drive, dont like hights, so i dont want a balloon ride or a rollercoaster ride as they make me feel ill, or to drive a rally car or a flight in a helicopter, and i dont like partys, im afraid im very boring really!

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Turning 30!!!

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