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What's A Pain That You Actually Like?

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Salty80 | 21:36 Mon 20th May 2024 | Body & Soul
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If any 🤷🏼‍♂️



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You mean cramp? Headaches?

OH had an example yesterday actually.  He recently had a malignant skin tumour removed from the crown of his head. It was large and so a skin graft was taken from his neck and I've been dressing it ever since (it's doing very well, thanks).

Carelessly he stood up under a branch yesterday and scratched the top of his head.... it hurt and it bled!!  Both good signs that the graft has taken well.

What about bellyache from laughing.

I loved having shingles! 

The pain from my tingling skin, when putting on clothes or getting into bed, was exactly like the tingling one gets from eating a mega-hot chilli.  It massively elevated my dopamine levels, resulting in me feeling absolutely great!

Gosh, Buenchico. Never heard that before.

I quite like the aching muscles after a bike ride or quick session on the rowing machine. I feel I'm actually doing something and not morphing into a gelatinous blob. 

I'm not a masochist.  I don't like any pain and could kill anyone who persists in tickling me.   Funny bone, shin bone, teeth, solar plexus - don't you dare

Having my back massaged.

Massage? By a stranger?   Not on your nelly.  Where are the hills - I'm running for them

Errr .....none !! I've enough resident ones to be going in with, thanks 😒

Oh no Barry!! Just by MrK.  I have a bad back but I like it massaged even tho it hurts like hell.

Wouldn't you be classed as a masochist if you enjoy your own pain?

I don't like pain but have a couple of exes who did.... A lot...... Saying no more

the pleasure and pain receptors in the brain are very close to each other.  That's why they spmetimes get mixed up

Don't want to be rude but! . Going to the toilet can bring so much relief 💩

No Dusty you're not a pain in the arris (mostly 😉) a lot of folk on here like you.

I've booked Mrs whiplash in for the weekend 😜

... and you hide her in your toilet. Too much information 😬

Scratching an itch... 

Falling in love

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What's A Pain That You Actually Like?

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