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Knee Pain

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hellywelly4 | 20:58 Fri 17th May 2024 | Body & Soul
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Just over three weeks ago I had a steroid injection in my groin as I had had a lot of pain. It all went really well, but after about a week I started to get severe pain in my knee on the same side as the hip. My SIL had a hip replacement in November and said he had a lot of knee pain following that. Apparently I'm walking differently now I've had the injection according to him. Is this true and will the knee pain go eventually? Thanks for any advice.



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Hellywelly, I can't pretend to answer your question fully. But your SIL's  hip replacement was probably because of arthritis and that will place different stresses on the muscles and ligaments (I've had 2 replacements and one has just been replaced/repaired).  He, like me, probably also has arthritis in his knees - mine hurt.

My experience of steroid injections is limited to one wrist (broken bone causing arthritic pain) and I always had about a week of pain afterwards before it eased.  You probably are/have been walking differently.

I can't promise that your knee pain will go.  Personally I'd go to a good physio. and get an assessment.  It was my physio who wrote to my GP to say that there was something very far from right with my hip which led to the repair.

Don't know if this will help, but hope it does. :)

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Thankyou for that Jourdain. If it doesn't ease I will do as you suggest. 

Sounds very painful HW - knee pain sounds horrendous as it literally affects every step you try and take. Not much use but I hope it eases soon x

Good luck with it.

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Knee Pain

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