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henrys202020 | 20:19 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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when  will  people  get  the   increased  pension ihave  not  got  it  yet   thank u



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I will get the full increase next month. My pension this month was part old rate and part new rate.

What day of the month did you get your pension henry?

  I get mine paid at the beginning of the week, on a Monday, so I got the increase for the first time on Monday 8th April.

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hello  new    9th  this  month

Well it didn't go up until the 8th April so there would have been no increase, or at most only a couple of days worth of the increase, in your last payment.

You'll get the new monthly amount in the payment on 9th May

Well Chris I read your link and my pension payments do the opposite to what it says.  I got my first increase on the new rate on Monday 8th April.  The last 2 numbers of my NI number are 99.  On your link it says I should be paid on a Friday.

State pensions are paid in arrears so most of April's will be part old rate and part new rate.

Boto, mine is not paid in arrears, not all are.  I am not making this up.

lb, you are the very lucky one that is not paid in arrears.  It does mean, though, that your executors will have to repay your overpaid pension when you eventually pop your clogs.

Yes I know Barry and they know as well.  They say they don't want my money and I should do what I really want to do and give it to an animal charity.  But I'm not altering my Will, they can send it to an animal charity if they want to.

I remember vaguely having a chat with a woman at the DWP when I was due to start drawing my OAP and agreeing it could start on the Monday.  Can't remember why.  Anyway the children know about it and that is the important thing.

That's good 

Yup.  😀

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