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Another Rant About Medication.

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ferlew | 15:56 Thu 28th Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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For many years now I have been treated for anaemia, sometimes my Hb is as low as 57,
When I last re ordered my meds on 22 Feb, the iron tablet request was rejected. Rang again today only to be told the dispenser can't issue it. Told to ring reception to speak to a GP. Given a telephone appointment for 9th April. (For a review)
We now know that I have GAVE syndrome, which causes the blood vessels in my stomach lining to ooze and this is why I loose Hb.
Not sure what to do next as I feel they shouldn't have been stopped so suddenly as at the time of stopping them my Hb was only 72.
Any suggstions please?



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I should have added that on admission to hospital with my dislocated hip recently, the Hb had dropped once more to under 60. I was given 2 blood transfusions and an iron infusion.

I would ring back the GP and inform the receptionist that you will need to go to hospital due to GAVE syndrome and that you would like a script to cover you whilst you are waiting for your review.

If that does not work - ask her how to make a formal complaint.

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Thanks for the reply Helen :)


I had one of my regular medications blocked awaiting a review from a GP some time ago.  I wrote a good, old-fashioned letter, outlining why I felt I still needed the tablets, and posted it through the letterbox of the surgery one evening.  That resulted in me receiving a phone call from one of the surgery's staff, assuring me that I could continue to have the tablets.

Worth a try, perhaps?

My concern is that if Ferlew has no medication left and it is now a 4 day weekend the earliest anyone will see their letter is Tuesday.

Could you take an over the counter iron supplement until this is sorted?


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Buenchico - yes I have done that exact thing in the past with good results.
Helen - yes, that's exactly what I reckon I will do, I know it's not life threatening or anything, but when it decides to drop it's sometimes only a matter of days from when the level is 'satisfactory' to when intervention is needed.

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Another Rant About Medication.

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