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Light Tint Sunglasses

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smurfchops | 11:57 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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My sister has recently had cataract surgery and cannot wear eye makeup for two months.  Where can she buy lightly tinted sunglasses till she can wear makeup again?  Not prescription lenses, she will sort that when eyes are back to normal.  Thanks all



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Any optician will be selling them plus stores like Asda which has it's own Opt department.  I got mine from there after I had my cataract op.

You say not prescription so do you mean ordinary sunglasses? I guess not becasue you can buy those absolutely everywhere on the high street and online, including every womenswear retailers. Amazon for example, plenty of choice of depth of tint.

It is recommended that sun glasses are worn after surgery anyway. The main thing to look for is large lenses with UV protection.  

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Thanks, I will go hunting with her.

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Light Tint Sunglasses

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