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Resistance Bands Advice Needed

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barry1010 | 18:54 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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My wife wants a set of three or four but is bamboozled by the choice of styles - wide, narrow, loops/no loops at ends, hooped.  She has never used them before but has seen some videos and they appeal to her.

She is also worried about the quality, value for money is more important than cheap. 

Also some are rated in kg. 

If you can recommend a set you have been using for a few months she'll be very grateful 



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Douglas - have you been assimilated by the Borg?


No, but I've been Bjorn again.

before buying Resistance bands, you could suggest to your wife, try pair of tights - holding toe to hips, wrap each end tight around each hand until she feels resistance and pop onto Youtube follow some excellent exercises there. The weight thing is extra resistance but until she she strengthens her muscles and even decides it is what she likes, that is the route i think best for your wife, I suggest this as that is what i did to begin with 

She will need to be careful Barry.


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Thanks, Buen and ducksie, very helpful.

Douglas, not so much.  This isn't in Chatterbank.

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She will be careful, she believes these bands will be safer than dumbbells or other free weights - they won't hurt if she drops one on her foot.

She has been used a towel to help with her stretches but is ready take it a bit further

Morning Barry, your wife may not drop it and hit her feet but they can slap up and give a right rap on the face - I use them in my pilates class 

Glad you felt the need to chat anyway, Barry, have a nice day.

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You too, Douglas 😁

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Resistance Bands Advice Needed

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