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Coeliac Testing Initiative?

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barry1010 | 17:59 Sat 25th Nov 2023 | Body & Soul
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Today I have recieved the usual forms to get my quarterly blood tests and for the first time I will be tested for coeliac disease.

I've never had any symptoms, never raised any concerns with my GP so am somewhat puzzled.   Is there a NHS/government drive to do more testing for this? 



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This is from the NHS website,

"Routine testing for coeliac disease is not done in England.

Testing is usually only recommended for people who have symptoms, or who have an increased risk of developing coeliac disease, such as those with a family history of the condition.

First-degree relatives of people with coeliac disease should be tested."

Same thing happened to me, leading to an eventual coeliac diagnosis.  Long story.

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Thanks both, it's a puzzle

Let us know how you get on, Barry.

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It's just routine, I'd be astonished if I have coeliac, Tilly, but you can be sure that if any problems are flagged up I'll be here asking advice.

Blood test a week on Monday 

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Coeliac Testing Initiative?

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