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What Would Cause Mass Swelling On Kidney ? Brother In Law Further Update

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gordiescotland1 | 20:46 Wed 01st Nov 2023 | Body & Soul
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My brother in law has been transferred out of HDU into a renal ward. He was admitted Saturday and he has a catheter in. It would seem his kidneys have been damaged after years of high blood pressure. He was due to have a scan where they put dye through the kidneys and go through a machine. But they are not keen to do that until he is stable enough. BP still high and one kidney is very enlarged and not draining at all. He also has very swollen ankles  I am quite concerned about him. The consultant said the abdominal mass could be bladder cancer which Is manageable depending on which layer it had got to. I am wondering with all his kidneys like this do you think he will need dialysis?



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This might be helpful:

With regard to your BIL's kidneys, they seem to be remarkably resilient organs, with a good ability to recover.  When I was admitted to hospital, nearly 5 years ago, the consultant said that my kidney function was at the lowest possible level without having totally failed. After 5 days of treatment though, I was fit enough to leave hospital and my kidney function was soon very close to normal.

This page also suggests that damaged kidneys can bounce back surprisingly well:

I can't give advice, but I wish your Brother in Law well.  Kidneys can bounce back.  Mine did after Sepsis when they were at the point of failing.  I don't have to take any medication for my kidneys.

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What Would Cause Mass Swelling On Kidney ? Brother In Law Further Update

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