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Telephone For Hard Of Hearing

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Thisoldbird | 15:34 Mon 18th Sep 2023 | Body & Soul
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Any suggestions to help me hear the spoken word on the telephone please.

I wear 2 hearing aids, but have very loud tinitus.   

I hear my phone  ring loud and clear but the slightest background noise from either the callers end or my end I'm really unable to hold a conversation. 

Has any of you helpful people any recommendations to suggest please. 



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Have a look at this one, assuming you want a User Recommendation

I have a feeling that any phone used with it's handset is going to have the same problem, given your hearing/tinnitus.

Using it with it's speakerphone may be an improvement.

If you google 'phones for the  hard of hearing' a large selection come up. I'm afraid I can no longer post a Link in this new box. Do you hav e NHS hearing aids if so  when were they renewed?

My hubby was like this but with this new phones he uses the hands free speaker on it he hears no problem now. He would never answer the phone before. So if your phone has a speaker button try that to see if helps 

Excellent suggestions re the speaker, hope that helps.  

Most new aids even NHS ones are Bluetooth enabled & connect to mobile phone. This means all speech goes directly to your ear. You can adjust volume accordingly.

Connevans Ltd is the official partner of the RNID and specialises in assistive technologies for those with hearing loss.  So you might find something to meet your needs on their website:

I got a new pair of NHS hearing aids a few months ago, which, after downloading a new app, are paired via a bluetooth connection to my smartphone, allowing any calls to be clearly heard in my earphones, but cut out the loudspeaker so that conversations are not overheard (a bit similar to the earbuds that many normal hearing people use nowadays)

I also get audible notifications whenever messages, emails, calendar appointments etc. pop up on my mobile phone.

Sharon, yes that's why I asked the age of the hearing aids. My OH Has just got some new NHS Bluetooth aids and they are so much better - he's like a new man. Our doctor referred him to the Audiology Department at the hospital and they were marvellous and so professional and so much better than specsavers

Twix - his sound exactly like yours

Stretta hearing aids (not sure of the model number), paired with a new Signia App. Previous Signia App, sub titled Touch Control) was not bluetooth enabled.

Question Author

Thanks so much for all replies. I'll go through them all to see what's available. 

Yes they are brand new last January the other new 2 weeks ago. 

I have an app on my phone to adjust them, but no nothing about having calls so others don't hear my conversations. 

My landline has a speaker button that is in permanent use. I cant hear much at all without and not everything with it on. 

It's so frustrating and can be lonely. A general conversation with more than a couple of people leaves me totally lost. 

I'll post again when I gave some results..thanks again. 

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Telephone For Hard Of Hearing

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