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Weird Issue With Nerve In My Arm

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joko | 19:56 Sat 26th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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Weird thing with nerve/veins in arm

for a long like I've had a twinge in my neck & right down my arm, when I turn my head to the left.

A few weeks ago it caused a pinched nerve which was agony.

Hoever, the question, I was rubbing my arm & I noticed a very noticeable groove across the front of my bicep in the exact place where I feel the weird twinge & pulling sensation when I turn my head.

You can't see it, but when I pulled my fingertips across my bicep they sort of dip into the groove – so its not my imagination, its definitely there.

There is not anything even similar in on the same place on the right side (I'm right handed so the muscle there is larger & harder)

I was left with weakness in that arm from the pinched nerve which I only notice when I put any weight on that arm, it gives way under me.

Does anyone know if this is how all nerves are if you feel around for them? Is the nerve in the other arm perhaps just in a different place.

I have a feeling I noticed it before the pinched nerve, but now I'm wondering if that was the cause of the pinched nerve?

I had an MRI, my neck has damage but there was no concern of any part that pinched etc – but, I have a feeling the pinch was in my elbow, because just before it started hurting, I clicked my elbow in a very awkward way & it made a weird sound.

I have suspected EDS & hypermobility & I'm wondering if the nerve is tightening up or something & that's why I feel it all down my arm, & that area is where my stretchiest skin is so maybe that's why I can feel it with my fingers?

I do have weirdly solid & quite tight muscles in my arms & legs – supposedly down to the hypermobility & EDS – because those 2 aren't very stable, its a ‘my muscles have had to take up their slack to hold me up’, sort of thing.

Do I need to see the doc?

Any ideas?

Thanks :)


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Naw, just ask for their advice here ;-)

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Weird Issue With Nerve In My Arm

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