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They Are Discontinuing My Medication : ( : (

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Raidergal2022 | 20:32 Sun 13th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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I have just heard that they are discontinuing the medication I have used to manage my nasal condition/polyps for the past 14 years : (

I use flixonase steroid drops several times per year as like a ‘rescue’ treatment as the first line therapy/nasal sprays only help for so long. They have always been a saving grace for me and mean the difference between constantly blocked sinuses/mouth breathing and a clear nose.

I once wondered what I would do without the drops and now this scenario is comming true.

As the sprays only partly help the only other alternatives that I know of are surgery or oral prednisone.

Does anyone with sinus issues use these drops and what will happen now? Will we just have to put up with polyps or have surgery?


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I managed like you with sprays and occasional prednisone, but long term use of these drugs isn't really ideal and my doctor advised me strongly against it. Struggling to breathe is a debilitating side effect of nasal polyps as I know only too well.
Surgery was essential for me in the end. Although I was nervous about it, it turned out to be nothing more than a little uncomfortable for a few days and then a complete cure. Such a huge relief! I suppose it depends on how bad your symptoms are, and whether you are prepared to put up with them. I do hope you find some resolution.

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Wrong it’s good that surgery helped you.

I was advised against it as my CT scan was ok and polyps had shrank thanks to the drops.

My main issue is the chronic rhinitis, inflammation so even if I had surgery I would still get the underlying inflammation and therefore high chance of recurrence
Hopefully a chat with your doctor will put your mind at rest. I'm sure they wont leave you entirely without medication unless they feel you can cope.

I am asthmatic too so breathing easily was pretty vital, the surgery was a life saver for me.

Do try not to worry, it is at least good to hear that your polyps have shrunk. It is a horrid condition and I have every sympathy.
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People often ask if I have asthma and my gp said I’m at high risk because of the CRSwNP and family history (my dad developed asthma/polyps when he was 40). Apparantly up to 70% of people with CRSwNP develop asthma.

So part of me is expecting asthma developing, I’m dreading it as I enjoy running and it would send my anxiety through the roof but I’m not sure what I can do really.
So use Fluticasone spray or drops........same thing.
There are excellent remedies for asthma these days, and you may well avoid it altogether. I do hope so.

I think Paula Radcliffe is asthmatic and she hasn't done too badly!
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I thought about that - pouring fluticasone spray into a pot and applying it as I would the drops (as this better reaches the sinuses) but I thought it might be chemically different somehow. Guess it’s worth a try.
I'm surprised that a GP allowed you to stay on corticosteroids for so long. Surgery would seem to be the way to go. It's a very straightforward operation:

BTW, I've never really been able to breathe through my nose. Indeed, I was 10 years old before I found out that it was meant to be possible to breathe that way; I've always breathed through my mouth and I seem to be none the worse for it!
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Bheuenchico most people in the UK with polyps are managed with nasal steroids. Even those who have surgery have to continue to use them after surgery to reduce the risk of polyps returning
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That’s interesting can’t you breath at all through your nose

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They Are Discontinuing My Medication : ( : (

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