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Advice needed...

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Hedkandi | 19:48 Thu 29th Dec 2005 | Body & Soul
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hey all,

I hope you can help me with this...

Basically i went out with bloke i met on speed dating a month ago, and we went out on a date and it seemed to go well. He showed a lot of interest before we went out, emailing, calling and texting me. We kissed each other on the lips and he said he'd call me. a week passed and he hadn't contacted me so i texted him asking if he would like to meet up. 2 days later he texted me saying he was sorry he hadn't been in touch, he'd been busy, and would love to meet up and would call me next week to arrange a date.
2 weeks later he hadn't called me so i texted him to say happy Xmas and I hope he had a good one, and looked forward to speaking to him soon. He hasn't texted since.

I don't think he's interested. do you think I should write him off?

Any advice/help on this situation would be greatly appreciated.




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Don't waste any more of your time, Hedkandi. If he was remotely interested he would have been in touch constantly and bugging you for dates throughout the Christmas period. Men are much more shy than the movies give them credit and most would walk a thousand miles rather than tell a girl, 'It's not working out,' to her face. Sorry!!
On the positive side, you sound very pleasant, kind and prepared to commit to a relationship. I'm certain there are a few decent blokes only to happy to date you. I suggest you go to another speed dating session.
Best wishes.

You do sound very nice, its a shame he was not willing to be honest with you. Move on, there is going to be someone out there that will appreciate you.
write it off as an experience - get best girly gear on and get ready for partying on newyears eve

To put the male side across D I would say put this one down to experience and forget him. In his own way I think he is trying to say "thank you but no thanks" It may be best to stop texting him, if a girl comes across desperate (For the want of a better word) there are some men who would take advantage of that! My advice would be to put it down to experience and get yourself along to the next speed dating night .......... you just never know ;-)

All the very best for 2006,


you dont wont to go out with a guy with such bad manners anyway. you can do much better write him off.
You did exactly what I would have done- acted like a perfect lady. He on the other hand is a spineless loser who doesn't deserve you! Move on.

Sorry to read your story Hedkandi, and to have to agree with the previous posts. This guy may have just been untogether with the delay in responding, or hedging his bets until someone else appeared - neither of which are particularly polite adult behaviour.

You have done what you can do - made it clear that you are interested, and the next move is his. he has made it clear there isn't going to be a next move, so you love on, dignity intact.

Someone else out there will benefit from your obvious courtesy and maturity - but that's this fool's loss, not yours.


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