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Sertraline And Turmeric

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grandpajoe | 22:59 Wed 11th Jan 2023 | Body & Soul
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I Discovered Turmeric Co shots a couple of weeks ago and am/was impressed by the info and positive info re this /Health Product as i have been taking Turmeric tablets off and on for a few years now+. I have been on Sertraline for about 11 months now and have settled down on 150 m and i do feel much better for it. I had Stress ,Anxiety, Suicidal feelings and Panic attacks after having Covid in October last year. (bloody horrible time 12 months ago!!)So the Question ,,Can I take the Sertraline with the Turmeric Shots without bad side effects? It takes at least 28 days for the Shots to take any real effect and I'll be taking my 12th tomorrow Thurs. I bought 48 Shots to give it a good trial. Cheers folks Chris


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What are Turmeric shots?
I take Turmeric capsules but have never heard of shots, do you mean injections, and if so, where do you get them from?
Turmeric shot is a fruit juice with turmeric, you can buy th or make your own
I always think the expert on drug interaction is a pharmacist ( the experts) .
Great result from your antidepressant , great you feeling better .
If there was a known interaction between Sertraline and turmeric, I would have expected to have seen it mentioned here

However the absence of such a mention can't completely rule out the possibility of there being some form of interaction that hasn't yet been picked up on by doctors or pharmacists.
I took sertraline for quite a few years, considering how many curries I was making in those days if there was an interaction with turmeric I would have noticed. Seriously though pretty much all the reactions with medication are with it in the concentrated tablet form or with the closely related curcumin also in tablet form.. Checked the BNF which is what the pharmacist would probably use and the only non drug interactions listed are Grapefruit which I expect you were told to avoid and St John's Wort.

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Thank you all. I knew about St Johns Wart and Grapefruit thank you. But of course this 76 year old had forgotten lol ! The shots are produced by The Turmeric Company and if you Google it all will be clear. I have the feeling that these drinks will be beneficial to my health as much as Sertraline has been and is. Thanks again, Chris

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Sertraline And Turmeric

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