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Uvulitis Treatment/Remedies

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Xeronema | 11:04 Wed 11th Jan 2023 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone know of a good way to treat, or help with the symptoms of, Uvulitis?

I've looked online, some of the information I'm reading conflicts with what I've been told in the past. I've been told that sucking on throat lozenges is a bad idea, and using a humidifier is also not a good idea.

I think I know why I occasionally get a swollen uvula, because of the medication(s) I take. So I know I can't always avoid getting Uvulitis, however I'm hoping there is a way to make the recovery less painful/irritable.

Avoiding hot food and drink seems to help. Any other suggestions, I'd be most grateful :)
Thank you, to the mod, for helping me put this thread in the right place, you're most kind


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My pleasure, diz. I hope you find the answer.
I have never, ever seen a case of Uvulitis and have been in the game for 40+ years.

The uvula can be affected with a combination of pharyngitis or tonsillitis, but I have never seen it in isolation.

Reading your thread and accepting what you have described, I would suggest that you see an E.N.T specialist for advice, as it would appear that removing the Uvula may be your only solution.
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Sqad, at one point, when I used to have an addiction to Tramadol, my uvula would become swollen, often. So much, so I can sometimes feel it on the roof of my mouth and tongue when I breathe out in a weird way (not sure how else to describe what I mean, other than like a gargle).

I'll mention it to my doctor, the next time I see him. I used to have it so often when I used to abuse Tramadol, I'm not overly worried about t, I just wanted to see if anyone knew of any tips/tricks to make it less annoying. Your advice about having it remove certainly would accomplish that :)

Thank you for your advice. Also, thank you, Naomi, for closing my other thread. :)

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Uvulitis Treatment/Remedies

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