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Hot Flushes

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Barsel | 16:55 Tue 13th Sep 2022 | Body & Soul
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For some weeks now I've been getting hot flushes quite a lot.
I'm not of an age for it to be the menopause, but I don't know what could be causing it.
At the moment, I look like I've just washed my hair as it's wet through and water is dripping down my face.
Any ideas what could be causing this?


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From the Mayo Clinic website (which is a trustworthy source, in my opinion):
"Rarely, hot flashes and nights sweats are caused by something other than menopause. Other potential causes include medication side effects, problems with your thyroid, certain cancers and side effects of cancer treatment".


Consult your GP. He/she will almost certainly want to take into account any medications that you're on and any other symptoms that you might be experiencing (such as tiredness).

It's probably nothing serious but, just in case it is, it's always best to get an early diagnosis.
I would guess that you are post menopausal and on that assumption will make my comments.

One can still get hot flushes post menopausal due to hormone change and imbalance.......this, by far is the commonest cause.

What medication are you on?

No big deal, just monitor the situation for the next few weeks as there are other causes, none of which would seem to apply in your case.
Ignore my post and take the advice of the Mayo Clinic.
Has Sqad got a pager which immediately alerts him to every new medical question on AB? Does he ever sleep?
Sqad I never ignore your advice!
Question Author
I did wonder if it might be my thyroid as I take levothyroxine, but I didn't find anywhere that said hypothyroidism could cause hot flushes.
I am tired all the time, but I've always put that down to my arthritis. These hot flushes only happen during the day, I don't get night sweats.
Don't know what age you would be post menopausal, but I'm 75 yrs old, and I don't even remember going through the menopause so I can't say when that would have been.
Get your thyroid checked.......if the TSH is low, then you may need to cut down on your thyroid tablets.......depends on the results.

My opinion remains the same.
Question Author
I'll see if I can get a telephone appointment with my GP.
Thanks Chris and Sqad.

Barsel at 17:14. You sound just like me!! I thought you were going to say you were about 25. We have the same symptoms… and age …. Scary. My blood test recently was OK, I am also on Levothyroxine, have arthritis, sweats are identical. Are you my long lost twin ?? :) :)
I'm also 75 with arthritis and often wake up really hot. The daft thing is I can't call it hot sweats because there is no actual sweat.
It must be a hormone thing. Those sweats never go away.
Question Author
Smurf and Lottie, it's interesting to hear you both have the same symptoms. I am sitting here with a sleeveless top on and a fan blowing on my face!
Have either of you mentioned it to your GP?
Question Author
Sorry smurfchops, I see you had a blood test and it was ok.
I have a blood test fairly regularly for thyroid, cholesterol and liver and all were ok. I just think it’s a female getting old thing .. Unfortunately. I am not too bad with this weather, but in the hot and humid weather it was awful.
You could try running cold water on your wrists, or the hairdryer on a cold setting all over your head and hair.
Apart from wrists it's also good to splash your face with cold water. That brings my heart rate down rapidly.

I direct fan towards the bed and do breathing exercises when hot flushes wake me. MrT is not amused!! ;0)

My recent blood tests were fine a month ago.

Yes it must be an old lady thing. I had no problems with the menopause at all. It started when I was much older.
i get hot flushes very often i am a male i think its my thyroid
Question Author
Roadman perhaps you should get it checked?
I must admit to not knowing much about the thyroid but I think it's pretty important it should be working well.
By the way, girls, do you sleep through the night? I wake up every two hours, sometimes I can’t get back to sleep for another two hours. But every single night I wake up a lot. So tired in the morning. Another hormone problem, methinks.
I hit the menopause like a brick wall 21 years ago. A couple of years ago the flushes and sweats finally became occasional and I hadn't had one for ages. Last week? 3 ! Sweats no longer dripping off me (I used to soak the bedding every night) but a definite wet sheen just as I used to get. I'm assuming that it's hormones having a bit of a kick after a rather stressful time recently. Don't know if that helps, sorry.

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Hot Flushes

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