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Laceration On Hand

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StyleMonkey | 09:14 Tue 05th Apr 2022 | Body & Soul
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I have a laceration on my hand from a glass smashing in the sink whilst I was doing the washing up.

It's on the side of my little finger almost on my little finger's knuckle.

The cut was deep, I debated if I might need one stitch in my hand. I kept pressure applied for an hour and the bleeding had eased so I decided not to do anything about it.

I am wondering if Sudocrem would keep this cut free of infection? It's all I have.


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Yes, that should be fine and don't forget to put a plaster on it.

Just be certain that it doesn't become red, swollen and painful in the next 3 days and if it does, then go to A&E.

Tetanus is a consideration, but from your description of the situation, on a personal note, I wouldn't bother.
I would put a plaster over it during the day. Take off at night
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OK thank you. I will get some plasters.
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Laceration On Hand

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