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Phone Holder For Awkward Hands

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Cloverjo | 12:45 Wed 30th Mar 2022 | Body & Soul
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Husband is losing the feeling in his hands and has trouble holding things. The phone is a particular problem.

Is there a thing we can put on the phone that will enable it to be held easily. I’ve tried a Pop Socket type thing for smartphones, but our landline phone has a curved back and so the thing doesn’t stick on very well. It also needs to have more ‘finger space’.

Any ideas, please?


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would this sort of thing do? User Recommendation
I apologise in advance if my answer isn't of any use to you, as it's certainly not a direct one. It occurs to me however that, rather than seeking a suitable holder for your existing landline phone, a better solution might be to buy a phone with big buttons and a 'hands free' facility (so that there's no need to hold the handset at all):
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I don’t think so, bednobs. It looks like the band would go round the buttons, but thank you very much for trying.
ps i have the same problem. we deliberately have a 60's phone with the dial and attached handset and my answer was based on that, but now i realise you probably have a removable handset
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Thanks Buenchico. I don’t think that would suit either, though.

Sorry to be so…you know
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Yes, it’s a cord free handset.
Chris's suggestion @ 12.36 seems eminently sensible...if you have trouble holding a phone handset, why not use a phone that you don't have to hold? Don't most landline phones have a "speaker phone" option, so you don't need to hold anything?

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Phone Holder For Awkward Hands

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