Question For Red Helen And Anyone Else That Has Lost A Lot Of Weight

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barry1010 | 11:52 Sun 16th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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Some things happen with great weight loss that one just doesn't expect or even think about whilst obese.
Some of those things makes me wonder - 'is this just me?'

One of those things (two really, I suppose) is armpits. My armpits have become much deeper, hollower, I suppose, making it very difficult to keep the underarm hair under control.

My questions are:
Do those who have always been slim have very hollow, deep armpits?
Were my armpits shallow due to extra fat in them?
Has anyone else noticed this after losing a lot of weight?

This post really is the pits


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Oh and I don't like men who use foul language in general conversation (or Women)
could it just be a function of getting older barry?
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I know they are the armpits aren't they
I've never been overweight and I've never had hollow armpits.
Too late
Pat, have you posted on the wrong thread?
I'm now examining my armpits Barry. I've never taken much notice of them before or looked at them for years. I haven't had any hair growth under my arms for years either
Do think you are right - I've known a few people who lost weight rapidly and their armpits are hollower but why would you worry about it - you can cover them with a nice shirt.
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Because I like to keep my armpit hair at doormat length, not long enough to plait, JJ :)
Hollowness definitely seems more common in older people, but as they are rarely overweight, it's hard to tell which it is.
Dreadlocks would look good.
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//If you're overweight, fat may deposit in or under your armpits. It's largely up to genetics where excess fat gets stored. If you have excess weight, subcutaneous fat may deposit in your underarm area. Weight gain can also make your breast and armpit area larger.//

It also says that women are more likely to have axillary layer of fat, so you may have lost more from there first.
I am classed as underweight and have always had deep armpits, fortunately, like Pat, I no longer have to worry.
You could try a hair removal cream instead of shaving.
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Those slim women in the deodrant and venus ads don't have hollow deep pits. They are all young, though.

Is this a good reason to stuff myself silly and regain the weight - an experiment to see if my armpits fill out? All in the name of science, of course.

Now, where does my wife hide the chocolate?
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Naked armpits? But, but....I'm a man!
Anyway, it is a well known fact that men are allergic to the smell of those cream hair removers and their armpits are so sensitive they would burn. There are warnings on the boxes about it.
They are women too :-). It sounds as though you have done really well. Just buy a comb :-)
I love a man with no hair in their arm pits. hair removal is good but you don't need to keep it on too long as you would feel burning

how about one morning I was searching for toothpaste in the cupboard and began to clean my teeth when yuck found it was hair removal - OMG
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Question For Red Helen And Anyone Else That Has Lost A Lot Of Weight

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