Should I Commit Suicide Since My Trouble Has Just Increased?

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Cjnix | 17:15 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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I have been struggling with eczema for the past two years and my trouble just increased officially when my mom asked me what I want for Christmas and I told her that I want a ps5 and she told me that they're sold out. I then asked about online and she told me that they're sold out online too. I want to commit suicide because I can't even get what I want for Christmas in addition to the other issue of never-ending eczema. I going to be stuck with a ps4 forever because whenever the ps5 is available it is always going to be too expensive for my mom to buy and or sold out. I just thought that getting a ps5 for Christmas would be something good that would happen so that I can at least have a reason to not feel anxious,depressed, and suicidal even while suffering from never-ending eczema.


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No, you shouldn't commit suicide - this is obviously disappointing for you but the real issue is your depressive state over your physical issue.

Get an appointment to get help with that , Eczema can be utterly miserable.
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. In a couple of years time you would have forgotten about a PS5, or bought your own with money from a job you’re going in to find.

See a dermatologist about your eczema.
Mamyalynne is quite correct. You are over-reacting because of the eczema. Eczema can be very depressing. My 1st husband suffered from it since babyhood and often had to go to bed wearing plastic bags covering the ointment on his hands - sometimes the skin would split. BUT - as he aged, it improved! It can be dealt with and he has had a very successful life. Ps4 or 5 is really irrelevant.... this will pass and there will be other gadgets.

See a skin specialist (my 2nd husband has skin cancer, but it's under control and more a nuisance than anything).
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Last month it was uncertainty after being given some very dubious advice that was driving you to end your life - you may have many dissatisfactions at the moment (we all do) but life is worth fighting for.
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Unfortunately not everyone takes mental health seriously, please speak to your GP regarding your concerns.
Redhelen - true, but speaking as someone who has been on and off medication for both depression and anxiety over the last 15 years (currently on), I feel I can tell a genuine cry for help apart from attention seeking.

However, if I am incorrect, this lad needs to see his GP about more than just his ezcema.
Can you imagine what it will do to your family if you were to commit suicide, especially if you couldn't get what you wanted for Christmas. I too think your eczema is getting you down, which his understandable, but getting a PS5 will make no difference, believe me. It might cheer you up for a couple of days?What might make a difference is seeing a counsellor. Give your mom a hug and suggest something else for Christmas , then go out and buy her something nice for Christmas. The best thing about gifts is making other people happy, believe me!
And as someone who has suffered for many, many years from anxiety and depression,and suicidal feelings, I do understand how you feel.
While threatening suicide over not being able to have something you think will make you happy seems OTT to some, it's should be taken seriously as an indication of unhappiness. It is not behaving like a spoiled brat...
You have 2 issues that you need help with. Eczema does not have to be the end of the world...there are treatments but you'll need to be patient. It might take time to find the right one for you. Ask to see your family doctor about it. Also discuss your depression and anxiety. There are many on here who've had similar difficulties and are more than willing to offer advice. But again, you will need patience as feeling better will not happen over night.
Please, please realise also that whatever your mum does, she will be doing her best for you. Is it possible she cannot afford a ps5? I've no idea what they cost, but maybe if you had a after school or part-time job you could go halves.
Sorry for my ignorance but how is a ps4 or ps5 going to relieve you of yr eczema?
Pasta, very likely as a PS5 is upwards of £600. If I have misjudged you, I apologise wholeheartedly. Again, if you do have mental health issues and want to talk to a professional (and are in the UK), recommend doing a self-referral with Health-In-Mind. They are a free charity who will assess the seriousness of your issue, and recommend further action. They helped me with my issues a great deal.
Mozz I fully appreciate your response but we don’t know if it is real or not and some response are truly awful
As you feel so awful, I would strongly suggest you speak to a professional . Eg. Gp.
Thank you Helen. Unlike some others on AB (no names!) I'm willing to entertain the notion that I may be wrong. One thing I have learned about mental illness is that one person's irrelevance can be another's trigger, so perhaps I was too quick to judge the OP.
Agree with redhelen @ 18.25.
/While threatening suicide over not being able to have something you think will make you happy seems OTT to some, it's should be taken seriously as an indication of unhappiness. It is not behaving like a spoiled brat/
Wise words Pasta.
You don’t like my post , report it instead of point scoring!
Bobbs, why the hostility? Nobody has had a go at you, just disagreed. Calm down.

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Should I Commit Suicide Since My Trouble Has Just Increased?

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