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Another Covid Booster Jab Q....sorry

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tiggerblue10 | 16:16 Mon 15th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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On the NHS website it says that you can get your booster 6 months (182 days) from your last jab, however I know some people who have had theirs before the 6 months is up. One of them had their 2nd jab 3 days after me at the end of May.

Why does there seem to be inconsistencies with this?

My last one was 28th May.


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As there pushing people to take up there boosters am not sure why there not relaxing it to say 5 months but I assume that 6 months (plus a few days) is the optimum time for full benefit, so maybe there not really benefiiting by getting it before you or there coverage will run out or wear off sooner. Its only a couple of weeks you need to wait now. Maybe ask your GP or look for another vacc centre on the gov website which might have earlier availbility.
Are you sure your friends were boosters and not 3rd jabs?
Thanks Buenchico. Does nt affect me but it may in deed explain why some of TBs freinds have had theres early
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Thanks both.

Only one of them is considered vulnerable.

Not sure what the difference is between booster and 3rd but it'll be the 3rd jab in total.

Been trying to get a flu jab for the last 4 weeks and none available in the local 3 pharmacies. Gonna have to go into Croydon and try all the pharmacies there including Boots.
tigger, if you have the 3rd jab you will be offered the booster in a further six months. The immunisuppressed (and other people classed as especially vulnerable) will have 4 jabs in total.

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Another Covid Booster Jab Q....sorry

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