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Memory Jogged - Flashbacks Returned

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barry1010 | 13:05 Tue 09th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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I recognised somebody on Antiques Roadshow on Sunday evening. I hadn't seen her for 20 years but seeing her on tv took me straight back to a very traumatic period that took me and my wife years to get over. I became quite ill for a while. The lady on AR had nothing to do with the incident, by the way.

Since then I have been very unsettled, had flashbacks and nightmares that I thought were long finished with. How do I stop myself spiralling back in to depression and the PTSD I experienced before?


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It could be short term and give it a week or two. If you are no better then speak to your GP about cognitive behaviour therapy. You can do some online but face to face is better. Also it may be valuable to talk this over with your wife.
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Thanks, APG. I had the CBT a year or two after the incident and I think it helped.
You are right to tell me to give it a week or two, hopefully things will improve but because I know just how ill I got and the effect it had on my family I am very worried about getting in that state again. I really thought it was all behind me
It's nasty when things rear up and bite us from the past - good advice from APG and reassure yourself that you did indeed get better.

Best wishes.
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Thank you, Mamya :)
Best wishes Barry, PTSD is a horrible thing to endure.
Speak to your GP … please…. and remember it IS all behind you. It really is. Take heart, Barry. X
Wishing you all the best, Barry. Please try to remember that it is all behind you. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
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Thank you all, your kind words mean a lot
You are right to be cautious - I know how powerful how strong our brains are and they can take us to dark places.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself - I use that when I seem to have pressed the 'self destruct' button. Believe that you are strong and distract yourself.

Good luck

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Memory Jogged - Flashbacks Returned

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