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MargoTester | 08:05 Fri 22nd Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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Following discussion on GMEB yesterday- you can now book your booster jab using this form. In our area there are drop in centres open as well. Hope you get sorted out


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i phoned 119 eventually after trying to book it online, it didn't recognise some of my details, which was strange, still i got my booster jab done yesterday, i hope LB that you can get your booster jab sorted sooner than later.
Took my brother-in-law for his booster yesterday at a walk-in centre. Ours were booked for two weeks' time somewher else, but popped in later to have ours done at the walk-in centre. In and out in 30 minutes, including the 15 min post-jab waiting period.

Just a sore arm so far. Any side-effects emmie?

Take care all.
Thank you very much Margo for your trouble. I'm afraid that was the site I looked at last night and there is nowhere in Hove. The big Tesco In Hove were doing it the other day for a few hours but I was having my Flu jab and eye test elsewhere so couldn't go. Hopefully they'll do it again soon. New places seem to be joining the list all the time so I shall keep my eyes open. Thank you again.
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You're welcome ladybirder. Did you try your doctor for information- I've lost track a bit :-)
I got invitations from both GP and NHS, so it might be worth harassing your local surgery, especially if you're in any way vulnerable.
I cba to be sitting on the phone for hours trying to get through to my surgery BUT I have a Nurse doing a routine call to me next week so I'll be asking her.
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Good idea, hope you get it sorted out soon.

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