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pastafreak | 13:12 Sat 18th Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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Since we are talking about hair...can anyone recommend a treatment, serum, whatever to replace hair moisture. Mine has become quite dry in recent years...and I hate frizzy.


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I’d like to Pasta, mines the opposite, I’ve got an oily scalp, I thought with going silver it would be ‘drier’ but it’s not
All these products are fabulous , especially the organic conditioners. Not cheap but worth every penny.
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Mine used to be very oily...along with oily skin.
Nope...its now the opposite. It's dry immediately after washing...and only looks and feels nice after a day or 3.
I wash mine every other day and everyday whilst on holiday
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I've heard of fushi...oddly enough as food products. I'll investigate...thanks APG.
We use the Macadamia products available from Amazon. Me 70 plus with dyed hair, daughter 30 plus with highlights and straightening and granddaughter 13 with very long hair. All of us are pleased with the results. Have also used Aveda products with good results. We do lots of pool and sea swimming May to Oct. and find both these makes help with dry hair
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Has anyone used caster oil...I seem to remember reading that it was good for hair. I've got some hidden away that I originally bought for Sally (dog )and her skin.
Up until I started googling for an answer to your question, I'd never heard of a 'hair mask'. (If I had, I'd probably have been thinking about something along these lines: ).

However Cosmo recommends this product
for "frazzled, dry dead locks":

. . . which is a hell of a lot cheaper than this
as recommended by The Guardian!
Any oil applied to your hair as a masque for a few hours will work, though castor oil smells vile. Olive oil, even veggie oil could be applied to the ends, hair wrapped in clingfilm then a towel and leave a few hours. However, I love the smell of the Fushi products, and they have added beneficial herbs.
Redken extreme anti snap range… not cheap but v good!

Or Toni and guy leave hair masque
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